Literature in Miniature

Looking for something different?  Fur dogs, cats, other animals and hunting trophies, miniature books with realistic twelfth scale print, ornaments/decorative items.  Handmade quality items for discerning miniaturists.

1/12th scale printed books

All our books are authentically handmade and every page is scrutinised for quality.  They have a realistic 1/12th scale size print and are printed on both sides of the paper just like a real book.  Every endeavour is made to ensure that they are as realistic as possible.Whether you buy just one book or decide to collect several to create a fantastic library in your dolls house, each book is produced to the same high standard.

Furred Animals

We produce realistic furred animals for the dolls house.  All the animals are furred individually by hand using a faux fur over a composition body.  We do not use real fur.We also cater for special commissions.  So if you would like your own little Fifi or Fido in the dolls house, we can do this. We also make furred horses, goats and sheep.  In fact we will consider any request for furred or feathered animals for the dolls house in 1/12th, 1/16th or 1/24th scales.

Furred Taxidermy

The Victorians especially loved taxidermy and saw it as a celebration to nature.  All our taxidermy items are individually handmade and every care is taken to reproduce them as close to the original as possible.


Finely hand painted metal or cold porcelain ornaments.  These have been carefully hand painted to a high standard to look like glazed porcelain.  Many of these items are replicas of actual pieces.


Various other miscellaneous items including lights, pictures, toys, clothes etc.

Literature in Miniature

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