Tower House Dolls

Authentic miniature Victorian doll's dolls, toys and playthings for the doll's house child, designed and handcrafted by artisan Sandra Morris.

Few things are more thrilling to the miniaturist than tiny toys.  Who can resist the fascination of a 1/12th scale    Victorian or  Edwardian Toy Shop, filled to bursting with all manner of  vintage playthings? 

Tower House Dolls  specialises in authentic miniature vintage doll's dolls, toys and playthings for the discerning doll's house child.

Our growing  of toys includes our exclusive toy dolls which are completely hand made, from the jointed porcelain doll measuring just 1 3/4" tall, to  the hand-sewn costumes which exhibit meticulous attention to detail. 

Many are dressed using vintage antique lace and ribbons dating back  to the 1890s.  No two are ever exactly alike, and all come complete with a numbered, dated and signed certificate of authenticity.

Other toys include tiny wicker baby carriages, exotic menagerie pullalong toys, illuminated toy theatres and many more.

We are constantly researching and devising new dolls, toys and games, all of which are based on Victorian or Edwardian originals, and all of which are completely handmade, using traditional techniques and materials. 

Visit our website for details of new toys as they become available.

Tower House Dolls

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St Leonards on Sea

East Sussex  TN38 9SL

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